Elagro Feed materials


Our History

The company Elagro was established in 2004. Elagro sells various feed materials to feed producers like wheat and oat bran pellets, dehydrated alfalfa pellets, sunflower seed meal, sunflower seed cake, rapeseed cake, molasses, feed yeast etc. and products to horse market – top quality grass mix hay, ryegrass and alfalfa hay, grass mix haylage etc.

Our main customers are situated in Scandinavia, however we sell products all over the world.

Origin of products for horses:

  • grass mix hay and haylage - Latvia
  • ryegrass and alfalfa hay -  Italy
  • ryegrass and alfalfa pellets, wafers -  Italy, France, Lithuania

Origin of industrial products:

  • dehydrated alfalfa pellets -  Lithuania, Hungary, France, Italy.
  • other feed materials mainly -  Russian Federation, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

We offer products in trucks, railcars, vessels.