Elagro Feed materials


Our History

The company Elagro was established in 2004. Elagro sells various feed materials to feed producers and products to horse market – top quality feed and bedding materials.

Our main customers are situated in Scandinavia, however we sell products all over Europe.

Industrial products:

  • dehydrated alfalfa pellets
  • corn gluten meal
  • potato protein
  • oat husk pellets.

We offer products in trucks and vessels.

Products for horses:

  • sundried timothy HAY 70%,  sundried grass mix hay, natural meadow hay in small bales
  • Feed PELLETS like hay pellets, hay-alfalfa pellets, dehydrated grass pellets, hay flakes, AlfaBeet pellets, dehydrated corn pellets, dehydrated corn-alfalfa-hay pellets etc.
  • BEDDING materials: wheat straw pellets, rapestraw mix pellets (rapestraw 70-80%), crushed wheat straw pellets.

We offer products in trucks and sea containers.